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Living In The Tropics

The word ‘tropics’ conjures up to most people visions of pristine white beaches, turquoise blue and crystal clear oceans, steamy jungles teeming with life and a colourful profusion of blooms and plenty of beautiful people with pearly white smiles ready to welcome you with a coconut.

That is the ‘hotel’ version.

In reality, the beaches are often polluted, the ocean full of fishing boats, the jungles teem with insects as much as flowers and people may be welcoming – to an extent. The biggest shock most greenhorns seem to face when they have lived – properly lived, not visited – in the tropics for a while are the myriad of climatic and physical discomforts they have to face.

The Heat Wave

What was an all-natural way to get a bronzer now becomes a relentless headache as the sun blazes on. Locals have either become used to it or compensate with umbrellas, sun glasses etc. It makes no difference which of the two seasons it is; come rain or shine the heat is at a constant, which means that during the hot season, it is boiling and scorching at the same time, and during the rainy season, it is wet and humid. This means that you are constantly dong laundry on sweat drenched clothes. The hot and humid weather also makes for another issue: pest control Camden.

Insect Attack

Countries that experience 4 seasons rarely have to worry about this for more than 3 months. From early autumn into mid spring, most forms of life go into hibernation, burrow deep underground, or die off. It is only in the summer that many different insects rear their heads. However, in the tropics, insects are a daily reality. There are plenty of chemical sprays, traps, adhesives, chemical crayons etc. for right cockroach control; there are folk remedies like using talcum powder or putting ashes along the floor and walls to limit the ants and where they get into; gheckos and spiders are a fact of life. With all these creatures crawling about the house, many expats find it difficult to adjust to tropical life.

Rain, Rain Go Away

When it’s sunny, the tropics can be beautiful. When it rains, all hell breaks loose. The thunder storms in the tropics are famous for their ferocity. Every year a country will experience downpours of such magnitude that many areas will be flooded, rain water overflows in the gutters and all life pretty much comes to a standstill for a few days. If you are in a mountainous region then there is also the risk of earth slips and landslides.
So don’t be fooled by the picture-perfect travel brochures; always do your research before you decide to move to the tropics.