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Tips On Throwing A Garden Party For Kids

When it comes to throwing parties for children, we are of an opinion that garden parties are the most prudent kind of parties to have. Not only are you taking advantage of the bright summer days and enjoying the good weather with your children; but you are also (sneakily) making sure your tiny guests leave your home and furniture in its original condition after the big party. If you want to throw a garden party, but don’t know how; then let us be the first to tell you that it’s very simple. Here are a few of our tips on how to throw a successful party in your own garden.

The guest list and the time of the party

Since it’s a party for kids, it’s natural that it’s not going to be a party after dark. If your child is still young enough to be having naps, time it so your guests arrive right after her afternoon power nap. This makes sure that your guests won’t have to be greeted by a grumpy “host”. Keep the guest list intimate. The lesser the strangers (to your child), the more chances you have at making your kids party a success.

The refreshments at your party

If it’s a party, then there ought to be food and drinks. Like any garden party, finger foods should be the stars. If your guests include adults, then make sure to have a few “adult versions” of these to feed them. Be well stocked with soft drinks and water, as their adventures will surely make the kids thirsty. Also, since it’s outdoors, make sure that all your platters of food are covered using shoo-fly covers. These keep out the insects, and even kids can easily replace them.  

The seating arrangements

The best part about children is that they are not going to be expecting you to do a ceremony chair hire for party’s seating arrangements. Depending on the guest list, you can always arrange for plastic fold out chairs. But if you plan on bringing in a magician or story teller for entertaining them, or even if you simply don’t want to deal with chairs, consider opting for a picnic style seating system. Simply arrange for some rugs, and some throw pillows, and your “guests” will have so much fun!

Decorating your garden party

Opt for bright, summery colored decorations if possible for these kinds of parties. These colors bring out the “summer” and the “nature” of your garden, making it a more pleasant place to be in. If you do opt for the party chair hire option, then make sure that they too are in summer colors. It’s important that you keep your guests’ age in mind when decorating. Avoid using anything that can potentially cause them harm; be it choking or tripping.

The entertainment arrangement

Children are easily entertained amongst themselves. But if you want to help them “break the ice”, you can have a few games lined up to entertain them. Outdoor theaters and bouncy castles are a great option here too. If you plan on having a very intimate party, then even an inflatable pool can provide the kids with some fun. In this case, make sure to inform the adults of your plans beforehand, so your guests can come prepared…