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Three Ways Of Using Agarwood Oil For Our Needs

Agarwood oil is an incredible and one of a kind oil that each and every one of us needs to have with them simply because of how beneficial it can be. Whether you have physical health problems or mental health problems, you can be sure that agarwood oil will help. Found commonly in the south Asian parts of the world along with the Arabian parts of the world, it is an oil a lot of people look for and use. In fact, agarwood oil and perfume was said to have been a gift for Prince William of the royal family in the United Kingdom, on his wedding day! This itself shows just how valuable and amazing this specific oil must truly be. It offers a lot of benefits to us such as being able to heal rheumatism and similar body aches and pains, it also has Diuretic properties that help with urinatory issues people might face, apart from that it also helps with digestive functions in the body as well. The smell of agarwood oil or oudh is said to be heavenly as well. So here are a few ways we can use it!

In perfumes
The smell of Agarwood / oudh, has been described by the Lord Buddha as the “scent of Nirvana”, which can surely give you an idea of how amazing it must smell. One of the best and most common ways to be using agarwood oil is to use it as a perfume. OUD perfume oil is available in online stores and regular stores in certain parts of the world like the Middle East. A few drops of this perfume would make you smell heavenly!

Pure oil
Apart from using oud perfume oil, one of the best ways is to use the oil as it is. Pure oudh or agarwood oil can also be purchased from certain places and having some of this oil with you is going to be great for many reasons. The oil can be used on your hair for damaged hair, it can be used on our skin for anti – aging properties and also as a moisturizer too, the oil is also possible to be applied on our skin as a perfume as it is. Using agarwood oil will change your life for the better.

In Scented sticks
Scented sticks, or incense sticks can also be purchased from stores, but scented sticks traced with agarwood is one of a kind for sure. They would have amazing odors filling your house and this can help in relaxing and de – stressing your mind as well. For more information, please click