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Things That Will Surely Damage Ones Health

In such an artificial world as such it is very hard to live as a healthy human being. Even the foods we eat now are mixed with various chemicals and their long term effects on our body are unknown. Apart from the chemicals being mixed, some food items are genetically modified to have a higher yield. There is a huge controversy when it comes to genetically modified food. It is not just the food but also the air we breathe in. It is so polluted and filled with all sorts of particles. It is very hard to even find a place that has fresh air. In countries like china, a lot of people suffer from breathing problems due to the polluted air. Click this link  if you are looking for aluminium outdoor furniture. 

But apart from these there are some things we take in knowing they cause damage to our health. If we rationally thing about it, it seems quite bizarre. Why would someone want to do something that will damage their health? One of the main reasons is society as a whole. One bad rice grain can spoil the whole dish. This same concept applies to our society. And it is sad to see many teenagers falling prey to this. They see people doing stuff and they also have the urge to try. They try to fun and at a certain point they realise that they have got addicted to it. 

The things that will damage ones health include various types of drugs, cigarette and alcohol. If one takes a look at how dependant a countries economy is on these products it will surely be very shocking. There are so many drugs in the market from ecstasy to weed. There are so many methods one could consume it for example, one could vaporize them in glass pipes or one could even be a little innovative and add them to brownies. 

These pipes are usually bought over the internet for example through glasspipes online Australia. Drugs cause so much damage to one’s health. It kicks ones senses off and it also causes over heating of the body try to use outdoor electric heaters wall mounted. Sometimes has even killed people due to over dose. It is not just the effect of the drug, but even when one tries to stop it, one will start to get seizures and convulsions. 

Alcohol is also another source of injury to man health. Scientifically it is shown that alcohol causes liver diseases and in some cases liver cancer. Patients will liver cancer will not even live for a year after diagnosis.