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The Different Varieties Of Your Favourite Caffeinated Drink


As you probably have known for some time, coffee exists in many different flavours and types, mostly due to the different coffee beans being grown in vastly different areas, as well as due to the different coffee beans production and actual coffee making techniques. This is why enjoying your cup of coffee is something more than just sipping down some drink: we could even call it as a separate kind of hobby.Want to know more about your favourite coffee varieties, including a bit more about they came to life and other important little details? If so, keep reading below to find just what you are looking for:

Brewed Coffee – Brewed coffee is the term given to coffee that it made using a special coffee making machine. They have quickly become popular since their introduction, and nowadays it is pretty much impossible to find somebody who has never seen such a machine. The main reasons for this widespread use of coffee machines is that they are quite inexpensive to purchase (this also takes into account the various coffee machine accessories you can buy and the ground coffee that is used up by the machine) and making coffee with them is a pretty easy and quick process.

Espresso – Espresso, which literally means “express” in the Italian language, is one other popular type of coffee, one that can be made either by hand or using a machine. Typical Espresso coffee is made by forcing a small amount of water at high pressures and at a temperature close to boiling point through a finely ground mixture of coffee beans, which is why making it manually can prove to be too troublesome. For this reason, it is commonplace to purchase Espresso coffee machines Brisbane to be able to enjoy your espresso fix even at home.

Cappuccino – Cappuccino is a different take on the above mentioned Espresso. It is made by adding some milk or cream to it and was first introduced for people who enjoyed having these two components in their coffee to make it a bit sweeter. There are even more modern variations of the original Cappuccino, but the standard beverage still continues to be the most popular one by far.

Caffè Macchiato – This stands for “stained coffee” or “spotted coffee”. This term actually describes this type of coffee quite well, as it consists of an Espresso cup of coffee with a small drop of milk in the middle (the milk usually being foamed before it is added). Latte macchiato is the similar, but the coffee and milk are switched around, with a drop of Espresso being added to a cup of milk.