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Know All The Details Of The Costs To Rent A Bobcat

Bobcat is also known as Skid Steer Loader and many people use this equipment for their private purpose or for firm purpose. It is important to know how much does it cost to hire a bobcat.

Know about the details of the cost related with Bobcat rental.

Rental fees – Usually it covers 8 hours of the equipment everyday, 40 hours a week and 160 hours per month. Above this calculation, additional timing is generally considered as overtime and it is charged accordingly at 1/8th of the daily rental rate for each extra hour.Fuel- This machine for pasture weed control, used mostly by large plants, is driven by diesel fuel and the cost of this fuel is added additionally to the rent fees. The giant machine generally uses 1-2 gallons of fuel for every 1 hour of use and depends on how hard it is being used. One tip is to throttle down the bobcat for most uses.

Though the machine doesn’t need full throttling to get maximum power to the wheels, the full throttle is good for the purpose of moving fast and coverage a big area. Usually, companies that provide bobcat hire services deliver the Bobcat machines with full tank of fuel and then it is charged to full use. The fuel fees are added when calculating the deposit.

Pickup-and-delivery – The delivery centres usually deliver these machines as they are heavy in size and weight. That charge is added extra when the machine is dropped at local area for use. It is charged as ‘round trip’ and it means the cost covers both delivery and pickup after the rental is done. Trailer service is also offered for towing vehicles which is used to tow the machines off the yards.

Damage Cover issues – The rental company usually charge 10-12% of the rental cost for covering the damage protection. This includes accidental and non-negligent scratches and damages, breakdown, vandalism, wear and tear and theft problems. Though the degree of damage is definitely limited in case of every company, you should always check the terms and conditions before hiring a bobcat.

Fees for cleaning- It is a well known fact that the machines which are used as construction get dirty. Cleaning excess mud, dirt or local area debris all the time can be a costly issue for rental companies. For that reason, they charge some extra money if the bucket or the whole machine is full of dirt/mud. Probable cleaning cost is added in the initial deposit amount.

Sales tax- Sales tax is listed as per norms.

Note that all the possible costs are clearly mentioned on the contract paper for rental at the time of hiring. Usually, these machines are available for short term or long term rentals. Carefully examine the loaders and check whether they are thoroughly serviced or not on daily basis. Variability of Bobcat models is another crucial point. Check the attachments and other equipment for rent from these companies.